Starting Point

So, this is officially the start of our Blog.

So why this blog?

The answer is simple. We have very large goals and passion which we feel may benefit many if we succeed in them.

I have a personal desire to change the way humankind educates their children; how parents can be supported to be amazing, confident and consistently loving to their children; and to incorporate emotions, desire and curiosity into worldwide education and training in general. Anna loves kids, loves teaching and counselling them but still is unsure about whether her desires in this fully align with my own.

Both of us believe everyone can achieve a partner relationship that is completely honest, emotional and real with the other half of their soul, their soul mate if you will. If you don’t know what we mean by other half of the soul or soul mates there is Divine Truth presentations on Youtube to provide some details. We want to share our journey (which has been rocky) to the point where we achieve this in our own relationship. By achieve, I mean continual growth in closeness for infinity!

We have a desire to grow a personal child/parent relationship with God. I am the first to admit I am much more gung-ho about this than Anna is at present.

I believe that anyone can get so close to God that they can personally know what God desires for our world in any subject or area in life. Nobody is exempt from achieving this. I wholeheartedly believe this is what Jesus in the first century did, and the ripples from that man are still felt through the ages.

So…a starting point.

We want to record our growth or failures in the things we are most passionate about.

Our relationship with God. Our relationship with each other. Our desire for a worldwide change and betterment of education for young people.

We expect to change a lot. Part of the reason for this blog is to show we are people with problems, emotional issues, demands, grief and fears. We may grow to be organised, empathetic, responsible and thoughtful people but we want to show that’s not exactly where we started from.

We want to show that true emotional change is real and can happen for anyone.

This is going to be a busy year for myself, my soul mate, for my friends who are working in God’s Way Ltd., and Jesus and Mary who run Divine Truth.

Welcome to all who take the time to read our blog, I do hope it will informative but I know it will be at least be entertaining.

Tristan John Miller