The Story So Far: Important Point

In the interest of being very open we have each written about how our relationship has been like so far, from our own point of views.

The goal is to give people reading an idea of what we have experienced so far and at what point we are at now as a couple.

We have had, and may continue to have, relationship issues and foibles. Neither one of us is perfect.


These blogs are not supposed to be balanced, but truthful.

My issues have been just as potentially ruinous to our relationship as Anna’s.

If I never stopped relying on her financially or if I decided that I would play video games at the expense of everything else for the rest of my life, then these posts may have more written about my issues than Anna’s anger at me.

We have found that if you are trying to have a close, honest and sharing relationship with your soulmate, it is not a personal issue but your willingness or unwillingness to deal with that issue that will be the ticking time bomb.

It takes a choice to be truly responsible for your emotions as soon as you can. Otherwise the personal issue can really become a major theme in what could become your own soulmate story.