Life Purpose and Direction

I may be biased, but I think Tris says some rather incredible things that show a heck load of insight. This is one conversation that I recorded where I captured some of this.

In it, I talk to Tris about my own lack of self-direction and life purpose, and Tris gives a great framework to help guide me to chose what to do in life (and why I slip up). It’s awesome!!

This conversation was recorded for our purposes only, but as I’ve listened to it, I realised it might help out others too.  So please excuse the lack of formality, snotty noses, my baby-talk (yep, I do that sometimes… 🙂 ) and poor sound quality.

Recently, we’ve both taken to documenting things in our lives rigorously; writing about our day to day activities, conversations and insights, and audio-recording some of our conversations and arguments (cringe!).  This documentation is to help us collect data on our behaviours, interactions and emotions. Maybe one day this can be used to help other people.

Tristan’s Say:

I had the flu and this conversation was late at night so it is very hard to hear me. Also though I don’t think I was very clear on the recording about my point.

The point was that I have yet to see anyone who chases a feeling in their lives and their relationships actually succeed in getting what they want without personal change. That personal change is often made to be less important than our “acquiring” what we want from our environment.

I suggested to Anna that the energy of “the chase” could be better used in growing in our soul’s passions. Soul passions are not just about ourselves but often include at least some of the 8 billion people we share this world with and any of the other people who have passed on to the spirit world.

That way our “purpose” is not feeling good or feeling loved. Instead it is creating in a area of life and learning that we love and subsequently helping and loving others through that process.

It also means the pain of NOT getting what we want (love, approval, freedom from fear, etc.) will come up naturally to be felt, since we are no longer putting in so much energy to NOT feel that pain.

The crux is if you want to “be happy”, the happiness will only able to be provided from how you use your own resources not from anyone else’s.

3 thoughts on “Life Purpose and Direction

  1. Thanks guys. This is really a big issue I am grappling with right now. I keep feeling a pull to go and travel and somehow assist people who are living with nothing and in hardship. But for me there is also addiction bound up in this – and so I remain in a state of paralysis. scared to stay, scared to go. Desire or addiction. But from what you’re saying it is important to have a big idea – and hold onto that dream and desire – even if it seems it is impossible right now? Like not having a facade and being able to love others from that place feels impossible to me right now…but holding onto the big picture of how I could serve others from that state helps us to take steps in that direction.? I enjoyed listening to this, so good.

    1. Hey,
      What you are stating is a little different that what I was saying on the recording.
      From your comment I get that you are saying that you have a feeling to want to go and assist others who are less fortunate but you know it has addiction wrapped up in it.
      This is not uncommon in a lot of people who go and “fix” the world, through charitable organisations who help the helpless in other countries. I’ve yet to see someone who does that actually fix the cause of the problem and instead they seem to often cause undue stress or encourage reliance on others in the people that are “being helped”. Often we also want to go an “fix” another country when there are quite a few homeless and very needy people in our own, that we ignore.

      A Soul’s passion will deal with a cause. If you have a passion to change a cause of why there is so many who have nothing and are in hardship, then that passion, when acted on, will do more permanent good. But these kind of passion’s don’t fulfil our addictions of wanting approval and being seen as a caring person helping the needy. It’s not often adventurous or classy. These passions means changing laws, researching, being behind the scenes, encouraging systems to change, being attacked by others who want to keep their addictions and often getting very little recognition.
      A dream or a desire that is big is great, we can all make permanent changes around the world and in our own backyards. But if you feel there is addiction in what you desire to do then I would question if acting on that will actually cause change or just more addiction.

      If you know of people who are living with nothing and are in hardship and want to do something about it, I suggest researching what exactly is causing the hardship (probably more than one thing). And if you still feel desirous of helping then come up with a plan of fixing up why the hardship is happening. It take take much more time, energy and effort (maybe years worth) but you and those you attract may come up with a permanent solution (or possibly a whole plan full of solutions) to a problem that plagues millions of families in many different countries.

      This is a theory at the moment based on things I’ve seen or heard about. I’m testing out my own big picture passion myself, hopefully in the years to come a group of people and I will be able to make some of that permanent causal change happen.

      1. Hi Tristan, thanks for your reply. It exposed still more addictions I have around service and fears about what is involved in pursuing a big-picture passion. Things such as perseverance, motivation, a developed will, etc all seem to be important qualities in such endeavours, and ones I have not developed too well so far in my life. But I feel pretty excited to contemplate the possibilities though, regardless!

        Something I am uncertain about, I am wondering if you could clarify, is about practicing expressing my will to love in the world currently, with no big-picture passion plan yet. The example I am thinking of was one Mary used at the first 2016 ass grp, about those young guys who started up a mobile washing machine service for homeless people. So this would not be addressing the cause I imagine – of homelessness – but It’s still an act of love. So is the distinction that a soul’s passion will always address causes, but we can still act from a place of natural love, which may not address a cause or be our soul’s passion? (or does love always address causes?)

        I would love to hear more about how you guys’ plans for the education program are developing at some point, too!

        Thanks again