Changes to this blog

Hi there,

Tristan here. Due to some changes in our lives, I’m going to have to make some changes to this website. Some of these changes are ones that I want to do and some are unfortunate changes that I have to do.

As a warning I would like to state that this blog post talks a bit about concepts that are taught by Divine Truth, if what I have written does not make sense to you (especially the part about soulmates) then please check the link I have to Divine Truth Material at the bottom of the website page.

How about we start with the changes I like the least and go from there?

Changes in my relationship with Anna & how that affects this blogsite

Firstly I need to go over some of what Anna has written on this site:

In Anna’s last blog post “When everyone else should change because you are PERFECT (or at least, that’s what I tell myself)” she outlined that we had broken up, which is true, and this includes the reasons she had given. However her post was misleading by her stating that the breakup was instigated by her. It was instigated by her behaviour but ultimately, after quite a few talks, I was the one who had to call the relationship off.

Her posts also are misleading in that fact that in her blogs she talks about her issues as if she was fully aware of them and is sharing these realisations with you, the reader. This also is not the whole truth. Anna has received a lot of feedback from Myself, Jesus and Mary and other friends and acquaintances. In her posts she is often relaying the information she is told, to you. In truth a lot of these realisations that she has shared on this site are things I (or someone else) have spoken to her about and she has usually fought against. In the past she has completely disagreed with the points discussed with her or still disagrees with these points emotionally.

I’ve decided to leave her posts up.

Since Anna and I are not togeather, she will no longer be an author on this website. Yep, it will just be me for the forseeable future. As I get time I will be taking her details off the website and changing the photos. I have no idea what the website may look like after but it may be a little less pretty.

The Subject of Soulmates

I have received some feedback from Dad about my ideas about soulmates. He has stated that I actually do not have what he calls ‘Soulmate Longing’ but instead I have taken on board some of his ‘Soulmate loss’ when I was a child.

What’s the difference you may ask (and so did I)? Here is my understanding of what Dad said to me:

Soulmate longing is the emotional desire and knowledge of who your soulmate is and this longing also provides definite infomation about what a true soulmate relationship should entail, to the soul who has this emotional desire.

Basically it means that a person who has this true and pure longing:

  • knows who their soulmate is
  • is not attracted romantically or sexually to any other,
  • knows what a soulmate relationship should be like
  • and is only willing to engage in such a relationship

Soulmate loss is the feeling of grief a person has who has lost the soul bond with their soulmate. Luckily this only happens through reincarnation. Because my dad had this emotion when I was a child, I took it on as my own. A child taking on the unhealed emotions that the parents have happens in every family, but it gets extra problematic when you Dad is Jesus. This makes things a little more complex.

The sad fact is this Soulmate loss is a block for me to grow the true Soulmate longing, which is something I want to develop. The good thing is that only other children of people who have reincarnated might have the same problem as me. Most people in the world will have other issues that block their ability to grow Soulmate longing.

So basically I feel loss for something I never had (a true soul mate relationship) and wont truly understand how to have a soul mate relationship until I let myself feel through this loss handed down from dad.

This comes to my point.

After Dad talked with me I realised that I agree completely with his assessment of my issue, which means I need to make an apology and a change to this website.

In my blog posts and in my dealings with people I have given the impression to people that I know a ton about soulmates and soulmate relationships. This however is not the case.  Also I have given others advice on how to have a soulmate relationship but the truth is I do not have a true knowledge of what this relationship actually would look like. I only know the kind of relationships I have had so far have not been soulmate relationships. I am still sure that Anna is my soulmate so at least that’s not a problem for me.

So I would like to say sorry about any misleading information I may have given so far. In the future I will be making an effort to only provide information about things I know and have experienced or state clearly that I have theories about what a soulmate relationship could be like.

In regards to this website I will not be focusing my future blogs of soul mate relationships so much, until I have dealt with some of this loss.

Onto some happier subjects now

My role in God’s Way and Divine Truth Organisations

No longer a Director

God’s Way Ltd. had its first Annual General Meeting last year and during that meeting I stepped down as Director.

This choice was not forced or pushed onto me at all. While I do want to be a large part of what God’s Way creates and shares, I’ve realised that I personally do not have a passion for directing the organisation as a whole.

This does not mean I will be involved less with God’s Way Ltd. at all. On the contrary it means I can focus more on the projects and programmes that God’s Way is developing, than the administration of the organisation as a whole.

I do want to give my personal thanks and respect to the current Directors. Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins, Catherine Spence and Mary Luck have a large and ambitious task ahead of them to not only run an organisation using God’s Principles but planning the infrastructure of how the organisation will run in the future. It a very big job and I will be trying to support them in any way I can.

What I’ve been doing since

Since that Annual General Meeting I have been working with David Walsh (Cornelius or Corny) acting as a labourer in construction and environment projects. There are quite few building projects that are being planned and these are in the stages initial stages of starting. These are slowly going to be leaked via post on so keep an eye out for that information there. Corny is amazing builder to work with.

I’ve also been working with Eloisa on the Volunteer Selection Project (VSP) the details of which are outlined on as well. As you may know God’s Way needs volunteers who want to uphold the principles of the organisation and the VSP gives people who want to volunteer a true taste of what it is like doing that and lets us know which people are trully ready and willing to work with us. Eloisa is a truly amazing woman and without her these VSPs would have not gone ahead. Jesus and Mary have also been with us every step of the way giving us support and guidance on how to actually plan and run such an event. They have been super helpful with the organisation of the VSP.

Lately I have also started working in the Divine Truth production team. I’m being trained to help during the Divine Truth assistance groups doing both pre and post video and audio production work. It has been tough going so far, but I hope to be truly ready by the time the next assistance group rolls on by early next year.

I’ve been doing a whole lot of different tasks, due to the fact that I’m willing to do anything that will help these organisations. I wouldn’t be surprised if this keeps on happening and I end up gaining a lot of different skills in a lot of different areas.

I would like to say that working as a volunteer in these organisations is exactly what I want to be doing in my life. So while its not always easy I am feeling like I am making the right choices for my future.

Parent and Child Education

Anyone who knows me knows that I talk constantly about creating an eductaion system for children that applies Divine Truth principles and a programme for Parents on God’s Way to love, teach and parent their children.

To be specific I do not have anything I can supply to you as of yet. Due to personal time constraints and some personal fear I have yet to develop what I have been testing with friends into something I can share with the general public.

I understand that there are many parents who listen to Divine Truth who feel that they want to change how they interact with their children into something that is more moral and loving. I feel you. Please be patient with me as I want to make sure the help I, or anyone who works with me, ultimately will give you is clear, concise and effective.


Hopefully this gives you all a much clearer idea of what’s going on for me, this site and God’s Way organisation. I will be working towards sharing a little more on this website in the future, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading