Tristan Miller is a 30 something year old from Queensland, Australia.

When he isn’t banging on about God, emotions, or education he enjoys nerdy pursuits like fictional novel writing, tabletop role playing games, reading of science fiction and fantasy, comic books, guitar playing and poi twirling.

Tristan believes in equality of worth for every human being there is, no matter what. Also in the ethical treatment of all animals and creatures.

Tristan does not believe in acting out of fear, anger or depression as a viable course of action.

Anna is a 29 year old from Queensland, Australia.  She used to wait until people were drunk enough at parties so they would finally be uninhibited enough to talk about God.  Luckily, she found a man that loves talking deeply as much as she does (if not more).

She loves to move her body (particularly bike riding as she misguidedly believes she’s flying!) and being outside in nature.

She is beginning to write children’s books about God, the spirit world and God’s Principles.

Anna is still figuring out what she believes in, but loves vegan cooking! (Her raw snickers bars are a force to be reckoned with!)