Tristan Miller is a 30 something year old from Queensland, Australia.

When he isn’t banging on about God, emotions, child education, or family relationships he enjoys pursuits like fictional novel writing, tabletop role playing games, reading of science fiction and fantasy, comic books, guitar playing and poi twirling.

In fact if you can think of a nerdy pursuit, Tristan has either tried it or knows enough about it to talk about it with some confidence.

Tristan believes in equality of worth for every human being there is, no matter what. Also in the ethical treatment of all animals and creatures.

Tristan work history has been (from most current to least):

  • currently working as a teacher aide at a local primary school
  • currently studying to be a primary school teacher
  • employee, sometimes team leader, of a lego based event service for children
  • employee of a early learning group focusing on getting children ready for primary school
  • tutor of primary school children
  • paid work as a garden maintenance/house cleaner for a disability service
  • around 3 years of working for the Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations as a volunteer
  • 5 years as a paid youth support worker
  • employee at a video rental store
  • supermarket deli worker