One Soul Story

Sharing of knowledge and theories about how the universe works,
the science of emotion, and the journey of developing a relationship with God

Current Authors: Tristan Miller

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Hi there welcome to One Soul Story!

Tristan here.

This is where I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences.

I’ll be writing about God, working in the God’s Way Organisation and my journey of trying to apply Divine Truth teachings in my own life.

I’ll also be sharing my theories and personal knowledge about how the universe works, emotions, relationships between parents and children and childhood life education.

I’d also like to share the ongoing story of me and my soulmate but that may not be feasible at this time, due to us currently not being together. In the future my soulmate may join me when she is ready to continue to share her journey as well.

For those who wish to donate for my volunteer work in the Divine Truth and God’s Way Organisations the information to do so can be found on the donation page.

*Disclaimer* Please know that those who post on the website, in he past, now and in the future, are just learners and our interpretations of Divine Truth might not always be correct.  If you want to investigate Divine Truth, please check out or the links at the bottom of the web page.