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One Soul: 2 People + 1 God + lots of words.

Soulmates, Relationship with God, Education for Children.

With Tristan Miller and Anna Neynens

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Welcome to One Soul Story!

Tristan here.

To me this is a chance for me and the other half of my soul to chronicle our journey from the people we are now to the people we are in the future, with the chance to write about the people we were.

Currently I have a passionate desire for a relationship with God, the creation of an education system for children and youth that exemplifies how God wishes to teach his children, and writing.

I also want a relationship with my soul mate that continually is more honest, more equal, full of humour and more in line with how God really wants humanity to be with their partners.

If you can’t tell by now I’m really curious about God.

Hi, I’m Anna!

I  want to show how Tris and I grow – I really believe that working through emotions and being nakedly honest has made me a better person and a better partner. Tris and I have come a long way from where we were and I want to show how to work through things (I’m still learning, too!).

I work with kids and teenagers as a teacher and school counsellor and I love it. I’m really drawn to alternative ways to educate kids to make sure that;

a) Kids and teachers are in a place where it is safe to be their true selves, and

b) The natural love of learning is allowed and encouraged.

*Disclaimer* Please know that we’re just learners and our interpretations of Divine Truth might not always be correct.  If you want to investigate Divine Truth by someone that knows it really well, please check out

Soulmate Log

Introduction video to our soulmate log.

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