New Personal Project: Foundation Education – Parent/Teacher Manual

The main reason for this website was to share information that would support parents and teachers to educate children using principles of God’s Love and Truth.

We often expect children to start understanding language, math, how the world works around them, etc. before they even understand themselves or others emotionally and how their behaviors, desires and motivations affect the world around them. The theory is that children who do have these understandings are far more capable as learners and grow to be resilient and passionate members of our communities.

I have started by trying my hand at writing a manual that outlines for both parents and teachers what children, and many of us adults, need to learn first to treat both ourselves and others in our lives with love and care.

It is my hope that the manual will end up being a basis for parents who want to engage a different type of education for their children and a basis for a new curriculum for students taking their first steps in academia.

Attached is the first bare-bones manual with some ideas and main points, which may go through some major changes as it is fleshed out. As I keep writing I intend to add example and specific educational goals for both parents and teachers to the manual. My intention is to upload each new version as I go along.

Take a look if it interests you.

Kind Regards,