Donations: Thank You & New Options


This is just a quick message about donations.


I would like to express my immense gratitude to all those who have donated to me over the last year or two.

Donations and crowd funding have been my only source of income over the last two years. Without these funds I would not have had the opportunity to volunteer full-time for the Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations. So it’s big for me when someone wants to support me monetarily.

I would like to give a special big thanks to those who have given me long-term recurring donations. Your support is greatly appreciated.

I would also like to thank Jesus and Mary, Eloisa and Catherine for the crowd funding me the past year. Your generosity has been has been amazing.

New Donation Option

I have received a few emails over the year about organising other options to donate for those of you who are overseas.

I have just created a Transferwise account with linked bank accounts in the European Union, United Kingdom and United states of America.

If you wished to donate and the lack of options was a problem, the details to donate to the Transferwise bank accounts are now on the ‘Donate’ page, which can be found on the One Soul Story menu bar.


Thanks Again,


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