What has been happening lately for Tristan? (August 2017)

You may have noticed that I have not added too many blogs on this website lately, there is a good reason for that. I have been a little busy.

During these past two months, I’ve been working on a couple of projects that God’s Way and/or myself wish to share with the public some point soon.

The Volunteer Induction Course

Eloisa and Mary worked together with help from Jesus to start a Volunteer Induction Course for those who have been expressing a desire to work with and for Divine Truth and God’s Way companies.

If God’s Way is going to provide any real benefits to the world-wide community we desperately need people who are skilled and dedicated. People who genuinely wish to gift their hard work to make sure the company has something real to provide and runs smoothly.

Divine Truth already provides amazing information but will also need skilled people for the company to provide that information more easily and to more people around the world.

I hope God’s Way becomes huge. A multi-national charity that provides any type of information, product, and prototype that would move the world into a more loving way of treating each other and our environment, free of charge.

On a global scale, we want to see and be a part of major growth in areas such as; how we create and share food, how we deal with waste, how can collect and provide clean water, how we create and provide electrical energy, and how we can provide safe and affordable housing. This is not even mentioning other secondary areas such prototypes for a completely loving education system, better ways to handle prisoners and their rehabilitation, a new economy system that does not easily collapse and fulfils everybody’s needs, etc.

But firstly, we need people. They not only need to be willing and able, but also be want to do the loving thing, by God’s Standards.

As per our constitution all those who work for God’s Way need to uphold the way God would want things done even in the way they interact with each other and the work itself.

Everyone can start to do things God’s Way. It is simple and does not need anybody to be perfect. But we have all been taught to be addicted to our own way of doing things and it’s usually very challenging to change that compulsion. Many times, we are not even aware what a person who upholds the loving intentions and desires of God in their own lives would do.

Those who work for God’s Way will need to be inducted into what this actually will look like and the challenges they will face working to this standard.

I have been working with Eloisa, refining that framework for the Volunteer Induction Course so that we are able to give an opportunity, to all who ask, to understand what it means to work doing things God’s Way.

So far it has been a lot of document writing, for both those who are to go through the induction course and for those who may run later courses in the future. This includes what the induction course overall goal is, the day to day running of activities, homework that will be asked of the inductees, the behaviour and intentions we are looking for in inductees and logistics to make sure each day goes ahead as scheduled.

We also have started looking into the types of insurance we will need to provide. This means also looking into what safety prerequisites we will need to meet as a company before we get started.

I want to thank Mary and Jesus for their help so far and Eloisa for the sheer amount of work she has put into this.

Hopefully very soon we will be running these courses on a scheduled basis, until we run out of people who want to work with us.

God’s Way Company

God’s Way itself needs work to be a full-fledged company and charity that can support large teams of people completing tasks and projects that provide real world benefits to everyone who asks.

This work includes accounts, legal, human resources, property management, data collection, data storage, programming, data networking, Occupational Health and Safety guidelines, policies and procedures and much more.

I cannot say that I have been much help with this so far. I still have tons to learn and understand about how to run such a company. It has included a lot of research, listening to Jesus, Mary and Eloisa and decision making for what needs to happen next.

Jesus and Mary have given immeasurable help this year, and Jesus himself has put in an amazing amount of energy to create solutions for a large number of these concerns. If you have wondered why you might not have heard as much from Jesus and Mary this year, it’s because they have been working their butts off for God’s Way. If you also include the amount of personal feedback that they have provided, you would just be astounded by the amount of help we have received.

Eloisa herself has been working tirelessly to make sure God’s Way has stayed running. Her dedication has been exemplary and something to aspire to. Without her there would be no God’s Way Ltd. She is someone who sees something that needs to be done, learns about it, and then does it all without people around her noticing or understanding that she did so.

God’s Way Education Project

The education project is actually more of a secondary concern for God’s Way.

Even so, I am very passionate about creating such a system, so that is where a large portion of my energy goes.

Eloisa has mentioned some of this on a previous Blog on God’s Way Website.

I have written up a loose prototype Education Plan.

This plan outlines the types of things children need to learn as they go through schooling ages, this is done in vastly different way than any current curriculum that I know of. I’ve had quite a bit of help from Jesus and others for this outline.

The plan is that while children are being taught academically they are also taught about life subjects that are currently barriers for most children and adults that I know of, including myself. Later I also hope to provide an academic curriculum that runs parallel to these life subjects, emphasising the need to experiment with what the children learn in school into their day to day lives. In fact, their “homework” will be to do exactly that.

The plan is to have children at different ages creating their own businesses based on personal passions, creating their own cash flow, becoming knowledgeable on how to be responsible for their own accounts and homes, and understanding how and why to actually interact with others in a loving way.

The first level, the “Foundation” Level is primarily focusing on love and how to interact with others.

So far, I have written up four units with twelve (day long) lessons focusing on: Introduction to Love; Truth; Ethics and Morality; and Humility. For the Foundation level I have planned to create another eight units of a similar size.

So far, I have then conducted the first four units with the Lytton-Hitchins Family.

I won’t lie, some of them are awesome, some of them need a major re-haul.

Realising that we won’t really be able to create a larger ‘School’-like setting any time soon, we have decided to turn these lessons into video clips, designed to be engaging to the children they are aimed at, that can be shared online.

Also, the next part of this is to create parallel units and lessons, also shared online, which will be for parents (or single adults) and will be focused on the same subjects but in how it relates to their relationships, especially with their families.

We have realised that without loving changes in the parents, children will find it almost impossible to listen to any content that asks them to make their own loving changes.

So, we decided to conduct a very challenging experiment.

Education Project: Homestay Experiment

This experiment runs like this.

I, as the Educator, live day-to-day with a family for a month.

During this month, I am to notice all unloving, unethical or immoral behaviours or intentions being engaged by anyone in the family. Each time I am to stop the family and tell them that they can no longer engage with each other until they sincerely and emotionally work out why I stopped them, what would be the loving thing to do, and then act on that loving behaviour.

If one family member was historically treated badly by the rest of the family members then the rules would be when that person is treated badly next then they would leave to go live in a neutral and comfortable location. Then the rest of the family works out how they had been unloving to that person and come to a sincere and emotional understanding of what would be the loving thing to do. When they have, then the first family member can come back and interact with the rest of the family. In the most resistive cases, this may take a large portion of the allotted experiment time.

I and a family, did this for a month. It was not easy, there were many hard truths and harder feelings that caused problems along the way. It’s safe to say that we all learned a lot. I myself have used this experience to learn how I could run this experiment again but better.

So, why do it?

The fact is parents and guardians are the most invested in how the family currently interacts. They are the main reason why their children enact unloving behaviours and intentions both in the home and out. However most, if not all, parents are unable to see this truth.

Often a parent is trying to correct a child’s behaviour when they themselves have taught them that behaviour through personal agreement with it (but only when it’s the parent doing it) or through encouragement of that behaviour towards the parents. Either way the child will be unable to make emotional changes if the parents don’t.

I have seen children being completely unaware of their unloving intentions exactly as their parents with their own intentions.

This experiment brings in someone who is not in agreement of the family “status-quo” and highlights constantly the problems as they occur.

I have to hand it to the family I worked with. They encouraged me to go ahead with this experiment even though they had been told they would be very challenged and after the month had finished they have decided to adhere to the same principles of the experiment, to see if they could make some lasting loving changes.

For that month, we all wrote up logs and afterwards I wrote up a report for the parents at the end of the month, detailing the biggest issues and some ideas on what to do next. Now I am working on writing up a procedure for others who might want to conduct or have their families be a part of a similar experiment.

This experiment will be a tool I want to use for engaging with families that want to be a part of any “God’s Way” school in the future.

Scrap Run

Peter Lytton-Hitchins and myself run scraps from local groceries to our respective properties. Pete currently does this for his own property once a week and I do this for the learning centre another day once a week. The Lytton-Hitchins family graciously lend me their Ute and trailer to do this.

By myself it takes about five hours to pick up, travel, empty around 10-15 full bins of scraps into our swales and tidy the whole thing up with straw to cover. Luckily this past month my soul mate, Anna has been helping and so has cut this down to three hours.

Why do we do this?

To get as much decomposable matter onto the property as possible for use as soil.

Years ago, the learning centre property was used for farm grazing. While portions of the 600 acres has bounced back over the years, we wish to provide as many nutrients as we can to the soil. The soil is the most damaged thing on this property and we wish to show others what it takes to fix that damage. The first step is to hold water on the property (the swales) and the next is to provide matter that will keep that water from evaporating easily and that will slowly degrade into porous and nutrient filled soil.

I won’t say I understand totally understand the science to it, but I can see some of the benefits to the property already. So far in the areas we have done this we have seen an up tick in the of growth in fungus, bug life, plant life and small birds.

What Else?

Apart from making sure the Learning Centre does not burn down, that’s about it so far for these past two months. As you can see I’ve still got a lot to go on with along with everyone else in Divine Truth and God’s Way, so at least I won’t be bored.

I have promised the documentation some time ago for the Education Project so that you can read what I have been working on. A few things have held me back so far.

I get worried it’s not perfect and feel it needs to be written up better so it makes sense to the public, sometimes I procrastinate from this fear or suddenly I’m busy and I don’t get enough time or something else pops up as a priority.

I really believe that God’s Way is worth my best work and I want people out in interweb land to get the very best idea of what is going on, not be extra confused by my lack of clarity.

I will be working on getting this documentation out so as to provide you guys some idea of the detailed plans and potential of the projects I am working on.


2 thoughts on “What has been happening lately for Tristan? (August 2017)

  1. Hi Tristan. Your writing is amazing and clear. I am really really excited about your work with children and families. I myself have been a social worker and am very invested in this topic. Now that I am repenting for the harm I have caused my own children, I feel even more strongly about your and Anna’s passion.
    With Love, Dharm