Introduction to the series of ‘The Science of the Soul’ Posts

So I’ve been listening to Divine Truth since AJ Miller, a.k.a. Jesus, a.k.a. my Dad started teaching it. Maybe even a little beforehand, when he used to share what he knew with me and my brother on his lounge room couch.

From the very first I wanted to understand what he was teaching me with my own experiences and my own way of explaining it. So instead of taking everything he said at face value I would ‘play’ with what I was hearing from him. I would interact with the world and try to determine if what Jesus was saying made any sense in my day-to-day life.

During that I came up with my own theories, experiences and, in time,  some personal understanding of God’s Truth. Saying that, I know there is still so much to know and learn and I’m not sure if I’ll ever know it all. And even some of what I have learnt I have yet to apply properly in my life.

What I do feel is grateful for the time Dad took to explain his own theories, experiences and knowledge and that I could spend my time coming to my own way of looking at the information he teaches.

That’s what this series of blog posts is about. I am going to tell you the theories, experiences and person understandings that I have had about Divine Truth concepts.

This way it gives you  a similar opportunity to the one I had, where you could interact with the world and try to determine if what I am saying makes sense with your day-to-day life.

When ever I think about God’s Truth I think of it as like mathematical rules. For an example, just as 1+1=2, I know that when I feel confused of what to do next it’s because I am avoiding feeling some personal fear and I am instead honoring my fears as truth.

Like math, every new little rule I learn builds upon the rules I have already learnt. For instance the above rule is based on the knowledge that fear is never based on truth but on false beliefs, that any painful emotion (like fear) can be let go of forever by completely feeling it rather than avoiding it or being ‘brave’ and acting to avoid my fear and other little rules that support and are the foundation of the new rule.

So in these posts I am going to write the rules (truth, laws, etc.) in bold before I explain them a little. Hopefully this helps to clarify what I am explaining. Also it gives you a quick easy little rule to remember if you also want to test it out in your own life.

The concepts I try to explain in these posts are often better explained in Dad’s and Mary’s presentations on the Divine Truth Website or the YouTube channel. If you want to see some of these presentations they are freely available through the links at the bottom of every page on this website.

Alright, time to start writing some posts about the soul.

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