The Science of the Soul #01 – The Wonderful World of Emotion


I don’t know if you have noticed but there is a whole underlying current in the world that is all about the emotions that humans are either feeling or holding onto. I personally imagine it as an invisible sea of emotions that has its own tides, currents and patterns of temperature, that all humans are creating, absorbing and are swimming in at the same time.

You can feel it when you are at a concert where a feeling of elation and power takes a hold of large group of people and becomes so amplified that the air is electrified with it.

You can feel it when you are with a group of friends and you all can just not stop laughing, even though you are all unsure exactly what sparked the laughter.

You can feel it when you have to tell someone that you fucked up badly, you are not sure that they will forgive you and your feeling of dread seems to darken every part of your day until you spill the beans.

You can feel it when someone is so angry at you that you can feel the world slow down, the room feels scarily charged and you know that one ‘wrong’ move or word on your part will lead to violence.

In all these situations the emotions seem so intense that it’s almost as if time gets warped and all other concerns almost fade away. So it’s kind of easy to feel that, at these times at least, that emotions are dictating what is happening in the experience.

However this fabric of emotional energy is not happening at certain times but is always around us, coming from us, and being absorbed by us every second of the day.

Our world is floating on an ocean of how humans feel both individually and as a group. Even when we think we are being intelligent and logical we are often just following what our emotions, or the groups emotions, dictate we should do.

Some of humanity’s most wonderful discoveries, most loving acts, most worthwhile movements are created from people’s desires and emotions. At the same time some of our most stupid, selfish and heinous acts can come from what seems to be the exact same place, the place where are emotions reign supreme.

In this blog I will be telling you some of the rules and then the reasoning of why I am personally sure that emotions are what is driving the world, the people in it and what this means for my (and your) relationship with people and God.

Souls create, absorb and process Emotion

To understand what I mean when I am talking about the soul it would pay to watch the Divine Truth presentation “Secrets Of The Universe” first.  In this presentation Dad talks about the soul, how it incarnates, what it is and what it isn’t. I’ll add the YouTube links to this presentation at the end of this blog post.

Souls = Creates, Experiences (process), Hold’s onto, Absorbs or Denies emotion

Emotions created by my soul or already residing in my soul = Feel like they well up in me

Emotions directed at me but are not mine= Feel like they come from an outside source and try to get into me

Emotions that are not directed at me but are not mine = Feel like they create a general atmosphere of emotion in a location

Many people, including scientists feel that a person’s feelings come from their brain and this includes all the chemical reactions and body responses to a feeling. Like how a person who is terrified gets a shot of adrenaline from the brain and then starts shaking.

But emotional interactions seem much more visceral in nature and are not felt in my head when they occur.

To me the soul is almost like an organ that does not actually seem situated in my body but instead my body sits inside it.  I can’t touch it or see it but I can tell it’s there by the things it does. This organ does certain things with emotions.

  • It creates emotions in me like a factory and can then process these emotions by experiencing them.

When an emotion is mine it wells up in me, the feeling is never in my head. For instance when I feel a feeling of real love for someone it wells up in my chest. Grief tends to get stuck in my throat until I cry, then afterwards its again in my chest. Fear seems to start in my stomach. Anger seems to start in my muscles, which clench, and skin, which heats up. But none of it seems to come from my brain, ever.

  • And it takes onboard or denies the feelings of others.

Someone else’s emotions never well up in me but seems to come from an outside source until either my soul lets it in or it deny’s the outside feeling entry.

When a person is feeling something directed at me it feels like it’s coming from them and trying to be absorbed by me. Sometimes this feels good, for instance when I can feel someone cares about me. Sometimes this feels attacking, like when someone is angry at me.

Someone straight after this happen I can then feel an emotion welling up inside of me and I then know it’s my soul creating a response to what I’ve absorbed by someone else.

When a person, or a group, is feeling something that is not directed at me it feels like their emotions create an atmosphere of emotion that I either accept and join in the feeling or deny and try to not drown in. A good example is when you met up with a group of people and you can feel that they are all sad before you even talk to them.

Emotional Awareness

Strength of emotional awareness = How much a person experiences and expresses their full emotion in day-to-day life

How well a person notices and understands the undertones of what is going on emotionally in the world is directly related to how they deal with their own personal emotions.

This would explain why generally women tend to understand more of this emotional undercurrent that is happening while men can be blind to how people feel unless they really try.

I’ve had people tell me that they only have thoughts and that they don’t actually feel anything. I’ve had others tell me that they get confused easily by emotions of others or even themselves and do not know what to do in emotional situations.

I find these problems happens because these people have not had practice with experiencing and expressing their full emotions in day-to-day life. In fact many people are like this because they have very little experience in allowing the expression of their emotions, sometimes for most of their lives. It’s like how if you never use your arms you will not able to lift anything heavy.

Remember when you were sad or angry as a child and then someone told you off, or threatened you, or embarrassed you to stop the full expression of that feeling? These kinds of reasons are why most adults grow up with the internal message that they should not feel anything fully. It’s okay to cry for a little while but God forbid if you feel the need to cry for an hour or eight hours. This lack of allowance for emotion seems to be what causes a lack of awareness about emotion in people.

The opposite is also true, people who allow the full expression and experience of their emotional state can become almost empathic in their ability to understand how others feel or how an emotional situation will play out.

To clarify, by the ‘full expression and experience of emotion’ I am not talking about blame, attack of others, or depression. These states are all avoidance of true emotion and something I want to go into depth about in a later blog post. Instead I am talking about when a person fully owns and is completely responsible for the emotions that well up inside them.

For instance a person who fully allows the emotional expression of the grief and loss of a friend dying will likely be compassionate and understanding to those who also have a friend or loved one who passes.

A person who denies their grief or holds onto their grief and never lets it go, often never notices or cares or is compassionate about others who are going through a similar grief. These people are instead almost absorbed in their own personal grief

Emotions determine the outcome of our actions

One kind of emotional intention = One outcome for an action

A different kind of emotional intention = A different outcome for the exact same action

Outcome of an action = Will provide information about the intentions that drove that action

This leads me to my next point, what kind of emotional intention a person is feeling or holding onto will determine the outcome of any action that they take.

An emotional intention can different from a thought-based intention. Sometimes a person can be unaware of their own emotional wants, needs or desires. The rule still applies even if a person is unaware.

Some emotions will never internally allow a person to take a specific action. For instance if you have a genuine feeling of love and care for another you will never be violent towards them. Or if you respect a person you will never try to shame them.

How ever there are some actions that a person could do feeling any number of emotions. For instance you can help someone across the street because you care about their safety or because you are angry that they are slowing you down and it’s quicker to help them than wait for them.

The short-term and long-term outcomes of these actions will always be based on the emotional intention of the people who are participating in the interaction. These intentions may often be unsaid or hidden but this often just intensifies the outcome.

There are so many simple and complex examples but I’ll supply you with five where you can guess the different outcomes:

  • The difference in a person is waiting for you patiently or waiting while exasperated with how you are holding them up.
  • The difference between fixing something joyfully or hating what you are fixing as you do so.
  • The difference between removing your child from a public venue  because of how embarrassing they are being or because you realise that you child is bored and you want to entertain them a bit
  • The difference between someone offering to help you because they find you attractive or help you because they wish to give you a gift with no strings attached
  • The difference between someone talking to you because they feel they should or because they genuinely want to know things about you.

All these actions would create different outcomes and responses just because a difference in the emotional intention driving the action or the response to these actions.

What’s the point of knowing this? A great way to start being aware of your emotions is noticing the outcomes of your actions. If the outcome was not the one you thought would occur then it is highly likely that your feelings or the feeling of other’s involved was not what you thought they were. Often a simple process of elimination will show you what really was happening emotionally, if you didn’t already know.

Emotions drive thoughts and Actions

Emotions create my thoughts and drive my actions

Thoughts do not create my emotions

Actions create new opportunities for experiencing my emotions

Here is a concept that challenges a lot of people I talk to who are not used to feeling their emotions. Emotions are the driving factor for all thoughts and actions a person has and does.

A person can use willpower, which takes a tonne of energy, to take an action that disagrees with a person’s internal emotional state but usually this is because the person in question has different desire that is happening at the same time that is telling them to take a different course of action.

I understand that this may not be very clear so here are some examples of this:

  • Normally you will avoid a person because you hate them and don’t want anything to do with them. But then one day they see you at the shops and you talk to them because you have a different feeling in you that tells you that you should be polite in a public setting.
  • Someone if being a mega-bitch to you and you just want to punch them in the face because you feel so angry but you don’t because there is another feeling of how much you want to avoid trouble or how scared you are of actually critically hurting the person who is being nasty.

Normally though most people just do whatever their desires dictate they should do and most of us are not aware of what kind of emotions could be driving our behaviour. This can be problematic when your feelings matter more that the damage you may do to yourself or others.

The Universe responds to our emotions

The universe responds to and reflects everyone’s true emotions

Okay when I tell people about about this rule it often sparks up a heated debate. One problem is that I don’t have any scientific evidence to back up this theory but I do believe it to be true based on my observations. It’s like the physical law of cause and effect but also taking into account the invisible emotional ocean I mentioned earlier in this post

For some reason how we feel actually affects what happens in the interactions we have with each other, other lifeforms, objects, molecules, the laws of physics, etc. And all these things react to these feelings.

Every minute of the day every thing that we interact with will be changed by the emotional state of us humans. On a larger scale, for instance a city, everything in that city will be affected and changed by the emotional state of the humans who are currently in that city. On a smaller scale, what happens in our homes happens in reaction to the emotions of the people who reside in thse homes.

These things (everything) will then change in a way that reflects back to us what our true emotional state is, good or bad.

You can probably already surmise why people argue about this theory with me.

Do I mean that all the bad things that happen (like disease, war, heartbreak, violence, extreme weather events, abuse) are somehow our creation because of how we feel? At this point I always cringe (because I am scared of the person’s reaction) and say “Yes, and also all the good things too”. A lot of these ‘reactions’ are the creation of the whole emotional collective of humans as well as us as individuals.

There are a lot of complex reasons why I am sure this rule is true and later I may share a post that outlines these a bit better. But to me it also means that we have the ability and opportunity to create more positive outcomes in the world around us and that we humans are in emotional control of what happens for our future.

I suggest an experiment where you, the reader, start allowing yourself to be very aware of what occurs to you and around you and ask yourself how you felt at the time. It can be enlightening just how much the universe around us seems to conspire to bring up the feelings that we hide deep down inside.

I also find it a enlightening exercise to ask myself ‘What was happening emotionally for me in that situation I came across?’

How did I feel when my car broke down at the worst possible time or when that stranger was extra kind to me? Did I stand up to stop that woman from being treated like an object by those guys on the bus, and how did I feel in that situation?

The Language of the Soul

Souls communicate only through a language of emotion

Our souls communicate even if we are not aware of it

Most of the time I’ve noticed that while people communicate with words there is a whole different emotional conversation going on.

Ever talked to someone and realised that what they were really saying was completely different from what they were telling you with their words? It happens a lot to me. Sometimes you can tell what is really occurring by a person’s body language but other times it’s as if you just know the person in front of you is or is not telling you the truth.

This is because our souls communicate with each other, all the time. We all are leaking (and sometimes spraying) emotional energy all the time, we don’t stop. We learn as we grow and through experiencing relationships with people in our lives how to recognise this emotional energy. Some of us are great at this and some of us suck at this. The reason why this is the case is because of the theory that I shared earlier in this blog about “the strength of emotional awareness”.

This brings me to my next point.

How the language of the soul relates to our relationship God

Dad talks about how God is a soul in his ‘Secrets of the Universe’ presentations, so if you want to know some of the reasoning behind why I feel God is a soul only and what that means, please click the links at the end of this post and watch the presentation.

God is only a soul and therefore only communicates through emotion

So if God is a personal entity and is a soul, with no body that wecan interact with how the hell do we communicate with him? Because if we want to know or understand God and what he has created it’s going to be impossible to do if we can’t communicate with him.

The simple answer is he communicates through emotion. He doesn’t listen to our words, he listens to what comes out of our souls and if we ask him, he talks back in the same way.

However his emotional energy can often be very overwhelming for most of us humans. If we don’t like to feel overwhelming emotions from inside ourselves or from outside sources then what we do is shut down the connection and never hear what God has to say. This happens for most of us, all the time.

Also growing the strength of our emotional awareness helps us understand more about emotions and therefore more about what God is trying to tell us.

This information is great for those who want to know about God or want to have a personal relationship with God.


There is a lot of information in this blog and you are not expected to understand it all or agree with it.

However I would love it if you, the reader, could do what I did when I first heard this stuff and play with these concepts and rules in your own life. See if they make sense, see if you can influence the universe around you more just through your feelings, or get a stronger sense of how people feel, or if you can truly communicate with God.

If you do play with these concepts, I would love to hear about your experiences.

These rules arethe foundation blocks for other rules and understandings about the soul that have been shared with me and that I would like to share with you in latter posts. The more you have a personal experience with these rules the more you will understand the next ones.



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